Next Steps

The greatest form of leadership is to serve others. At Great Life, we believe a leader is a servant first and that being faithful to Gods house dramatically impacts your relationship with Him! From the parking lot to the pulpit, we are all called to serve and even though there are so many teams they are all equally important to helping us reach many lives in His name!

Next Steps is a 4-Step process to develop your walk with God and get you to the place where you can serve, and your unique gifts can be fulfilled. Read more about each step below and sign up today! We can't wait to have you on the team and see the amazing things God does in your life!

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101: Welcome Home

"Finding Your Place In The Family"

Connect with Great Life Church, our vision, purpose, and why we do the things we do. During this class, you will hear about the importance of committing to a local body of Christ and what it means to develop a heart to serve His people.


201: The Faith Life

"Activating Your Kingdom Potential"

This class is designed to assist you in your growth and walk with Jesus Christ. Discover your gifts and how God can use those gifts to impact His kingdom. You will also learn about our many growing teams and where your unique gifts would thrive.


301: Engagement

"Moving From Receiving to Releasing"

Here you will learn how to build Christ like character and reflect God in your areas of serving. Learn practical and spiritual ways to balance your life, steward your gifts, work with teams and leaders and develop faithfulness to Gods house.


401: The Launch

"Welcome To The Team!"

This last step is not a class but a celebration and launch into serving! During this last week of your Next Steps experience you will have the opportunity to be a part of team prayer, meet the amazing people who serve every week, meet our ministry leaders, and begin serving!