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Great Life Church is a Spirit Filled, full gospel, non-denominational church located in Hernando County, Florida with powerful ministries to impact the lives of your entire family. Great Life was planted by Pastors Stephen & Ellen Bilsborough 10 years ago after moving their family from Toronto, Canada to Spring Hill, Florida. Our Pastors and Founders believe God has an intentional purpose for this city and above everything their heart is to reach lost souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Through powerful preaching & teaching, a worldwide TV ministry, family ministries, and city outreaches, Great Life has led thousands of people to Jesus. No matter your background, you are welcome to join us for our weekly services!


These are the words echoing through the fabric of our church this year. In the Old Testament, Judah was one of the twelve tribes of Israel whose claim to fame was that they were praisers. God told the Israelites to send Judah first into a battle that appeared insurmountable. Because they obeyed the instruction of God, the Israelites emerged victorious! As Pastor Steve Bilsborough was seeking God's direction for the church in 2022, he sensed deep in his spirit that the only way we could possibly overcome the situations we are facing today was to send Judah first! To send Judah first simply means to lead with praise at the onset of every circumstance, rather than waiting until the situation is resolved to praise God. Hence, our theme for this year, Judah Rise, was birthed.

Encourage Yourself in God's Word Daily

The Great Life App is an incredible resource to not only stay connected to what's happening at Great Life but to help you and your family continually grow in God's word. All of the latest messages are free to listen to or watch any time so you don't miss a series or message. The Bible is built into our app as well,  and allows you to reference while you are studying,  you can also conveniently take notes on the note section. The Great Life App is available for your phone or smart TV on multiple platforms. We look forward to connecting with you more!
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