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A new ministry of Great Life Church in pursuit of rescuing children and women from Human Trafficking in our own state and all across the country. We are here to be a voice to the silenced, innocent victims, restore hope in their lives, and help them reach their full potential in God.  We are Voices of Innocence Crying Out Every Second. 

Please contact our office (352) 293-7673 if you would like more information on VOICES. Thank you!

Mission: To restore freedom to victims of Human Trafficking. 

The face behind VOICES.

A wife of marine corps veteran and mom of three children, Laurianna Doire grew up in the small state of Rhode Island in a town called Cumberland. She grew up with a loving family and parents who inspired her strong and motivated work ethic. Three years ago her world was turned upside down when she discovered that her mother was sexually abused by her grandfather as a child, and that sexual abuse was a common pattern in her family that began to unfold. Learning this, Laurianna felt guilt and the heaviness of sin over her family but it also inspired her to pursue a vision that God had placed on her heart. As she began to forgive family members and give every ounce of shame to God, He began to open up doors for her mission to come to life. Laurianna serves faithfully at her home church, Great Life Church and is committed to seeing VOICES impact women all over our country.

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