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Students, end off your Summer Break with us! Student Camp SC22 is a three day, two night retreat style event for 6th-12th grade students taking place from Thursday, August 4th - Saturday, August 6th 2022. This camp is hosted and organized by the Student Ministry of Great Life Church and will be held at Camp Geneva in Fruitland Park, FL. For all the details, and registration information scroll below. We can't wait to see what God does in your life this Summer! (Liability waiver can also be downloaded during Online Registration)


 • Transportation: Registration includes all transportation in a luxury coach bus leaving from Great Life Church on Thursday, August 4th at 9:30am, and returning Saturday, August 6th at 2:00pm. Once students arrive on the campgrounds at Camp Geneva, they will not be leaving the premises until our return home date.

• Lodging: 
All students will be sleeping in air conditioned, ranch style cabins with indoor access to restrooms. Students will be separated into different cabins according to gender. Each cabin will have a minimum of two, adult, same sex chaperones to that of their respective campers. There will at NO TIME be permitted the presence of an opposite sex individual in the dorm of any cabin. Cabins are all located directly on the campgrounds close to our daily activities, food hall, etc.

• Student T-Shirt: 
Registration fee includes a camp t-shirt. Students will participate in tribe wars and competitions throughout the trip.

Food & Dining: 
Registration also includes all meals throughout the 3-day trip. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in the camp’s dining hall and includes a delicious and unique menu each day. The camp also provides a “snack shack” which is available for students who want to purchase snacks. However, students are not required to bring any additional money to purchase food while on the campgrounds. We recommend a small amount of money in the case we stop at Chick-Fil-A or a restaurant on the way to or from camp. Included with meals are extra amenities such as desserts, an ice cream sundae bar, and popcorn over the campfire.


The total registration fee for everything above is $199.00 per student. Parents can pay full registration price all at once or in 3 payments listed below. Our rooms and buses are currently reserved at a limited capacity so register in advance to ensure your spot! All registrations can be completed online, if you would like to pay a different way please call (352) 293-7673 for more options. All payments are non-refundable.

 $199.00 (Once payment is received no refunds will be permitted.)
First Deposit of 25% equalling $50 per students is due by Friday, May 13th
Second Deposit of 50% equalling $100 per students is due by Friday, June 10th
Final Deposit of 25% equalling $49 per students is due by Friday, July 22nd

*The aforementioned pricing will cover a majority of the Students' needs while away at Student Camp. Students will be provided five meals, Dinner on Thursday, August 4th Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Friday, August 5th and Breakfast on Saturday, August 6th. Also included in the pricing is the students camp registration fee, t-shirts, as well as their transportation via a coach bus. **FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE FRIDAY, JULY 22ND 2022


1. Complete Online Registration in full detail with your child’s information (Not parent’s information.)

2. Complete your Great Life Church liability waiver, included in registration options. (Your registration is not completed until this waiver is signed.)
Students over the age of 18, you are able to sign your own waiver however we would prefer your parents to sign as well.

3. Complete all financial requirements.

4. Complete all Registration “Add-Ons” (optional)
Horseback Riding, Zip Lining, extra camp shirt!

Registration Add-Ons (Optional)

• Horseback Riding: A student can reserve the ability to go horseback riding for $40 per student per ride
• Zip Lining: A student can reserve the ability to go ziplining for one hour for $25 per student.
• Additional T-Shirt: $15.00

Safety & Leadership

The Student Trip is organized by Zeph & Victoria Berman who Pastor the Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) of Great Life Church. Along with them, approved chaperones and student leaders will be assisting to make this trip possible. All approved leaders will be background checked team members of Great Life Church's ministry teams, or staff members. The resort and our vehicles will also have first aid equipment on hand if necessary. The campgrounds are also equipped with first aid if necessary.

Spiritual Development

Our goal for this 3-day trip is to provide a safe opportunity for students to get separate from the pressures and demands of their day-to-day lives and intentionally focus on God. Students will participate in daily chapel services, life groups, daily life journals, fun group activities, games, and competitions to reset and enjoy the end of their Summer. Our prayer is that students return from Student Camp 2022 more in love with God than ever before and ready to take on their upcoming school year. Students will be encouraged to limit the use of technology to the best of their ability so they can tune into God like never before.

Age Group Restrictions

The Student Trip is open to students who are currently in 6th-12th grade. Students who just graduated are welcomed to attend as their last official event in Great Life Students. Students older or younger than this age group will not be permitted to apply. For students younger than 6th grade, we advise you to check out our annual Kids Camp July 11-15, more information below.

Fundraising & Sponsorships

There are currently no additional discounts available for this trip. If you would like to sponsor a student to participate on this trip please contact our office (352) 293-7673. Or mark an offering envelope with the student’s full name, and amount donated. If you do not know of a specific student you would like to sponsor, call our office and we would be happy to assist you.

Behavior & Guidelines

Our students work hard and serve faithfully, so having a fun experience on this trip is of utmost important to us. For this reason we have put in place behavior expectations for our trip attendees to make this trip run as smoothly as possible.

• Electronics: We recommend for students to only bring their phones for communication with parents, and taking photos, avoiding video games, laptops, and tablets so they can be fully present during the trip. We also would like to recommend avoiding excessive electronic usage during car rides so the students can be social with their friends. Upon registering your child all parent phone #s will be directly accessible by our leadership, if your child does not have a cell phone our team can communicate with you gladly. Please download the Great Life App, Go to “Settings” > “Notifications” > and turn on Student Notifications for the latest updates.

• Cabin Stay: During each night of camp there will be a strict curfew on when each student must be in their designated room. Students are not permitted to switch rooms to be with friends, leave their room after curfew, or have any inappropriate material or conduct in their rooms. An approved student leader will be assigned to each room to enforce these guidelines we have put in place. Leaders will also supervise hallways after curfew to ensure the safety of everyone.

• Respect: We have expectations for all students to respect their leaders, and fellow students who are attending this trip. Through a positive attitude, proper communication, and abiding by the structure we have set in place for the trip, we can assure every student has an incredible experience!

• Conduct: Any inappropriate conduct on this trip including inappropriate cell phone usage, excessive drama, or inappropriate behavior will result in parents having to pick up their child early from the trip.

• Staying With The Group: All activities on this trip are designed for the whole group. Students are not permitted to walk off, go in their own groups, etc.