Academic Program

We offer two academic programs, read below to find out what works best for you. 


Leadership program

Our leadership program is designed for 18-26 year olds to experience hands-on ministry training. Through this program you will be equipped with spiritual development through biblical studies, and practical teaching according to your areas of interest.  Each student who completes the Leadership Program will receive a certificate in Biblical Studies and acknowledgement for their achievements in ministry training. Each student will choose which track they are most interested in during their application process. 

Creative & Worship:  Leading and organizing a team, Photography, Graphic Design, Videography, Writing, Musical Training, Video Editing, Event Design, and more.

Communications: Service Production, Broadcast, Livestream, Event & Volunteer Coordinating, Social Media Training, Outreach Initiatives, Community Efforts, and more.

Pastoral Ministries: Biblical Training, Evangelism, Leadership, Speaking, Church Growth Initiatives, Ministry Development, and more.

*each track will have overlapping areas of study, ex: if you choose the Creative & Worship track you will still be involved in evangelism and outreach initiatives.

"Earn your degree while growing in your calling."

accredited program

We are proud to offer college courses online through Valor College. The accredited program is open to any age who would like to earn their degree online. The accredited program is not an on campus program, however if you qualify for our Leadership Program you can earn your degree simultaneously. Each student will have allotted time in their schedule to work on online courses, but also be responsible for completing work on their own time. Earn your Associates Degree online choosing one of these 6 Degree options below. Don't know which is best for you? No problem. In the interview process of your application we will work with you to find the area that lines up with your gifts and interests. 

Online Course Start Date: August 20th, 2018 - December 19th, 2018 (Semester I)

• Pastoral Leadership

• Youth Ministries

• Christian Ministries

• Evangelism

• Organizational Leadership

• Advanced Leadership