“Welcoming & Friendly”

The pastor preaches the truth straight from the Word of God. The people are welcoming & friendly. My teen daughter loves the youth & my son love children's ministry. It is so awesome to go to a place where they truly yield to the Holy Spirit!

— Dorothy D. Great Life Church

“Love God, Love People”

I am happy that I walked in through the doors of this church and pleased to return. Love Love and nothing but Love. You can experience the Love of God, the Love of People and most of all the desire to keep pushing forward in this walk❤ Is now called my home church.

— Hommy S. Great Life Church

"Clear communication of the gospel"

I love this place, I'm very proud to be a part of and support these pastors, what a powerful clear communication of the gospel. If you don't go you have no idea what you miss, been walking with the Lord since 1980 and have never seen a more powerful representation of the things of God, Every week it gets better. Thank you Lord for leading me there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Victor L Great Life Church

“Beyond Words”

Prayed and searched a long time for a church. We're so hungry for truth, and freedom, where the Holy Spirit reigns in every area. Knew as soon as we drove up, that this was an answer to our prayers. Truly we're apart of the family of God here, extremely loving & welcoming. Praise & worship is beyond words, the Spirit of the living God is so felt, loved and worshiped. Love it beyond words, thank you Lord Jesus

— Debra & Russel K. Great Life Church

"This church is my new home."

I haven't been in a church in over 20 years. I lost my way like many others and had been feeling a tug at my heart. I was invited to the Rain conference by a friend at work. I had mixed feelings about attending, was I even worthy of setting foot in the door? Reluctantly I went and as soon as I walked in the weight I had felt for so long on my heart was lifted. I felt right at home and knew that it was time to turn my life over to God. I re-dedicated my life and this Church is my new home. My boys and my grandma are now attending and great things are happening in my life. This is a wonderful church and they have an amazing congregation.

- Jaclyn W. Great Life Church

This church has a desire to follow the will of God

— Eugene. G. Great Life Church

"I have never been to a more loving, open, friendly church ever! What an experience!"

- Laura A. Great Life Church

“I found my home”

That's my home church, I love it, the pastor is awesome as soon as you drive in the parking lot you feel great as soon as you walk in you feel loved and the welcoming the greeters are so sweet (the youth) and everyone in the church

- Yamina D. Great Life Church


"Never in my life have I witnessed such an outpouring of miracles, blessings, and powerful anointing."

I was attending a dying church, I felt lost, broken, and un loved by a God I thought was the personification of love. My brother invited me to a young adult service at Great Life and as soon as I walked in the doors I felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Ghost. That service touched my heart in ways I had never felt. I didn't actually start attending full time until a few months afterwards. To be honest I was still a little skeptical. Who were these people that treated me as if I were already a close family member? I didn't know, but with everything in my heart I wanted it to be real. I craved the fellowship, family, and love that only comes from a honest to goodness Bible believing, hand clapping, foot stomping, tongue talking, Holy Ghost church. Never in my life have I witnessed such an outpouring of miracles, blessings, and powerful anointing. I quite simply cannot imagine life before Jesus. I wish to thank the Pastors and staff of Great Life church for welcoming me into their family. I am forever changed, and will continue to change as I grow in Christ.

- Hans. G. Great Life Church