A Response To The Recent Surge in Covid-19 Test Results

Great Life Church has demonstrated a pro-active response to the COVID-19 virus by
encouraging the use of hand sanitizers, face masks (personal preference) hand washing, social
distancing and so forth. We have also put in place strict methods of sanitization before and
after all services, public events etc.

The recent uptick in positive test results has caused us to continue to encourage our
congregation and all our guests and visitors to Great Life Church to continue to exercise Godly
wisdom by practicing the above precautions. We encourage those who have any symptoms or
have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID 19 to strongly consider viewing our services
ONLINE during a time of recovery. As much as we believe in the importance of gathering together
according to Hebrews 11:25, we are thankful that Great Life Church’s Media Department is able to provide
online viewing of all services on various platforms. (see below)

We believe not only in God’s healing power but also in the protective hand of God upon our
congregation and all those who visit Great Life Church. We see thousands of people gather in
our buildings each month for services and events, and to date, have not had one direct case of
COVID 19 associated with Great Life Church. We continue to believe God for his protective hand
upon all our friends and attenders of Great Life Church, and continue to do our best to help curb
this virus throughout our community.

Please note, all services are ONLINE in real time in the Eastern Standard Time Zone
Sundays 9:00am & 10:45am
Wednesdays 7:00pm

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Our new Church App will also host all online services so check our website or social media
pages often for launch dates!