Day 39/40: FRESH FIRE

I want you to know that whatever situation you find yourself in right now, is temporary, and is subject to change because of the presence of God.  If you will get yourself into the presence of God, most of the battles you are fighting right now will flee from you.  We serve a God who takes the chaotic situations of our lives and brings order to them, and everything in God moves through Divine order.  If you want the blessing of God upon something in your life, then it has to move through the Divine order of God.  Order says, "If you want a harvest you're going to have to sow a seed."  Order says, "Give and it shall be given unto you."  When you acknowledge God as the owner of everything in your life, this is the beginning of setting things in order for a set up for the Blessing.

As a Christian, God has given you weapons.  In fact Paul said, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are MIGHTY.  God has given you what you need to win and overcome every situation in your life right now.  I want to encourage you today to RE-ENERGIZE, get the fire back in your bones.

A tired Church and a bored Christian with no fire will never win a city for God, but get the fire of God back in you and become contagious, and you will see mighty things begin to happen.  Remember what I said, every situation you are going through right now is subject to change but the change begins in you.  God will work through you so that when you open your mouth to decree something, it will cause change to come.

People may look at you and think your out of your mind, but always remember, an on fire Christian, who is radical and extreme is the normal way of life and how it should be, anything less is what is not normal.  A passive Christian is not normal, an anemic powerless, passionless Church attender will never affect anything, but you were created to affect the atmosphere around you.

The devil is real, he's aggressive, and no passive Christian will ever defeat an aggressive devil, so get your fire back, and start taking back what the enemy has stolen from you!  I believe with all my heart that we are on course with the greatest move of God we have ever seen and as we seek God, and get the fire of God in our hearts, REVIVAL is imminent.