Mark 11 was always one of Kenneth Hagin's favorite chapters to preach from and mine as well.  Not so much that he preferred it over others, but because he knew that that was the starting point of faith, where you could really begin to understand what it means to have FAITH IN GOD.  

I hear people say over and over again, "I hope so" in they midst of their conversation, and I can't help but think to myself, what is wrong with them, do they have hearing problems, learning problems, issues with comprehension?  Faith is not hope, it is assurance!  Faith is knowing that if God said it can be done, then it can be done.  

If you have heard the Word of God and have read Mark chapter 11, then you can grasp the incredible truth of what faith is really all about.  The issue comes to life when we allow it to get more attention from our mind then our heart.  Romans 10:10 tells us that it is with the heart that man believes, the mind just gets in the way.

If Jesus told a fig tree to die, cursed it from the very roots, then why is it we always need to see it shrivel up right there?  If he said die, then it is dead no matter what it looks like.  

That kind of authority in faith is very real but it comes on the heels of a life that honors God.  People can't just walk around confessing things and live a life that does not honor God if faith.  Let me explain.  If people don't have enough faith to trust God with their finances, and then want to go around confessing and professing how do we expect that to move mountains.  God would simply say "you don't trust me to take care of you so you rob me, but you want me to act when you need a miracle?"  It's all or nothing friends.  Faith is leaping off the edge and never looking back.  

People that say "I hope so" have never taken the leap, they still want one foot on the boat with a life preserver around their waste.  I call them JUST IN CASE CHRISTIANS, they love God but don't trust Him with their lives.

True Christianity is leaping and never looking back, yes, you may be frightened once in awhile, but have you ever walked through a dark room to get to the other side?  You feel your way around until finally you touch the door knob.  That's faith!  You step into it, walk through it and win the victory on the other side of it, because even in the darkness, God is still there!

A lion trainer was standing outside the cage filled with lions training a young apprentice.  The young apprentice was holding a whip in his hand and keeping the lions back away from him when suddenly the lights went out.  Not knowing what to do, he called out to the teacher and said "what should I do."  The teacher just simply responded by saying, "KEEP CRACKING THE WHIP." 

Faith keeps praising even in the darkest moments of life, because it knows, that as long as you keep praising God, the enemy is kept away and the miracles will come your way!