Day 34/40: WE'VE WON!

Be encouraged, we've WON!  It's always fascinating to study the origin of words, their meaning and how they fit together in the flow of life.  For example, the statement, "It just doesn't make sense," is a direct connection to our physical senses understanding something.  The senses we operate in bring authenticity to something so in life, we depend greatly upon them for many things.

This does present a problem however, in the ongoing relationship between the physical man and the spiritual man.  to say "We've WON" and then parallel it with some of the issues even great faith filled Godly people confront just does not make "sense."  We want to put our foot on the head of the enemy and draw our sword and have the victory right there, when sometimes it feels like we are defeated and will never see the end of this battle.

How can we say we have WON when it doesn't feel like it, when the enemy just keeps coming at us?  In order to see the victory we have to look back at the battle field.  A small hill just outside of Jerusalem where they would take the trash, a place called "Golgotha" the place of the skull.  It was there that the battle for eternity was fought and won by Jesus Christ, but not in the traditional methods of warfare.  This was a spiritual battle that to the natural man just made no sense at all.

To win, you had to die, to overcome you had to be overcome, the victor in all appearances looked like the defeated one.  This battle required blood, it required a human sacrifice of which only one could ever fill that role.  

Our senses get all messed up when we look at this battle through the lens of human understanding, it just made no sense, but to God, it made perfect sense.  A life for a life, if Jesus will give His life, we can have ours back and gain eternity in Heaven.

From that moment until now, the spiritual battles we face are maintenance, it's putting out the fires of a battle already fought and won.  The enemy lay slaughtered and defeated, but yet still rears his head daily to actually attempt to cause us to think he won.  Our senses, if we are not careful, could give that enemy the illusion of victory.  

Remind yourself today JESUS WON, so we win, everyday all the time and in every situation, we win.  These momentary fleeting daily conflicts that arise need to be a reminder to our senses, that the devil is defeated and Jesus is the Champion!