Have you ever heard the saying "it's all or nothing?"  I'm sure you have, it's not an unfamiliar phrase, and it's called an idiom, another form of language, but we know what it means.  It might be a last ditch effort to make something work in your favor, hoping for the best possible outcome.  Well, in light of the things going on around the world, it's also something that might prompt us also to say that we are going all the way with God.  The nothing part is not even an option, today is decision day!

Even though there is really only one decision to make, God has given us the opportunity to choose, a demonstration of His love, and so we make the choice.  The reason I say it's decision day is because every born again believer, yes, you who are reading this right now, must decide that they will not live anywhere but in the place in God where we a full throttle, on fire, hungrier than ever before running after God.  

The Church cannot live in a place where at best it is a religious experience.  I would guess that 75% of the Churches, if not more in North America operate totally independent of the Holy Spirit. In fact, you could remove the Holy Spirit totally from their services and most would not even know the difference.  The statistics are alarming, staggering and shocking but they for the most part are a true picture of the state of most Churches. 

Did you know that congregations can only rise to the level of faith and hunger that is demonstrated in the pulpits and so if you have a dead preacher, you are most likely going to have a dead congregation that gets its affirmation from feeding another hungry family but not saving souls.  Benevolence is wonderful, but it is always secondary to the work of the Kingdom, and the work of the Kingdom is going after every person alive today to lead them to Jesus Christ.

Our choice must be to go all out for God!  Forget your failures, forget the mistakes you have made along the way.  The reason many of us have made mistakes even in our walk with God is because we have not been tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The Bible says "when He the Spirit of Truth comes, He will lead you into ALL TRUTH."  Hallelujah, there it is, you will walk in ALL TRUTH, with the Holy Spirit as your guide.  Imagine living so tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit that every decision you have to make, you don't even consider it without consulting the Holy Spirit.

If the world consults tarot card readers, tea cup leaves and palm readers, how much more, should we consult and commune with the Holy Spirit.  Every purchase you make, who you allow into your life, who you marry and much more are all decisions that you should include the Holy Spirit in.  In all your financial dealings, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, give you direction so that financial favor will come into your life, and you will make the right decisions.  God is not a subtraction God, HE IS A MULTIPLICATION GOD, but that only comes through our faithful serving and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

So let's make a decision today, it's all or nothing, and I can assure you with God, you will never end up with nothing.