This should rattle some religious cows today, but that's a part of what we are called to do.  One of my favorite quotes is from Martin Luther when he said "I was born to fight devils and factions. It is my business to remove obstacles, to cut down thorns, to fill up quagmires and to open and make straight paths. If I must have some failing let me rather speak the truth with too great sincerity than once to act the hypocrite and conceal the truth."

So my question is, as a Christian, what were you born to do?  Leonard Ravenhill in his book Why Revival Tarries said “At this grim hour, the world sleeps in the darkness, and the Church sleeps in the light."  In case you cannot answer the question, here it is, you were born to SHOUT!  Throughout scripture, the Bible gives us several examples of this important ability God gave us, and the reasons for it.  

Jericho was a city which the Bible describes as besieged because of Israel.  No one went in and no one came out.  The city was given into the hands of God's people but to obtain it, they would have to obey what God said.  They were told to march around the city for 6 days, one time each day and on the 7th day, to march around it 7 times, then God said "When I bid thee SHOUT," they were to give a cry unto God and the walls would come down.

Psalm 47:1, they were called to SHOUT unto God with a voice of triumph.  It's interesting, I actually read that there are health benefits to shouting, so don't suppress what God designed you for, YOU WERE BORN TO SHOUT!  

If you study the early Church in the book of Acts, you will not find a quiet passive gathering of people who were "seeker sensitive," you would find a radical band of believers who could not be suppressed.  Paul & Silas would have a praise gathering in a prison cell at midnight, 120 people in the upper room where calling on God with every breath in their lungs, so just because some Churches have moved into a more moderate, tepid, lukewarm seeker sensitive mode, don't drink the Kool Aid on this one folks, YOU WERE BORN TO SHOUT!

The devil loves a quiet Church, one that doesn't want to ruffle any feathers. While at the same time, the crime rate is growing, 80% of Christians are 2 paychecks away from financial trouble, over 60% of Born Again Christians are on some kind of medication and we don't see what's happening here?

One man came to me one time in a Holy Ghost prayer meeting we were having and said, "I don't see why we have to pray so loud, and call out to God like we do at this Church."  Needless to say, he is not around anymore,  Quiet passive, puny in their faith Christians need to read the book of Acts, and get a fresh revelation of this.  The Church in the Book of Acts was powerful, potent, and productive.  It grew and grew and grew, while we see the average Church in North America at 75 people of less, hundreds of Pastors walking away from the ministry each month, and Churches shutting their doors because they can't afford to carry on any longer.  

By the way, when I talk about being a SHOUTING CHRISTIAN, I am not just referring to the level of decibels that come out of your mouth, I am referring to living loud!  It's not just a sound, but that will be one of the manifestation of a person on fire for God.  Being born to shout means living a lifestyle that speaks volumes even when your mouth is closed.

If you will do a personal study of the Book of Acts, you will find that after they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they went from being passive, quiet, even some denying Jesus, to seeing the greatest harvest of souls and revival in modern history.

So the next time the enemy tries to bring you down, which if your living right, should be any moment now, just rev up that Holy Ghost engine and give God a SHOUT OF PRAISE, and watch the devil tuck his tail between his legs and run the other way, it works, I guarantee that.

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