So, last night I invited a witch to Church!  Did that get your attention?  When was the last time you invited a witch to Church?  For most, I would probably say, you never have, and that's fine, I don't think we walk around on the streets looking for witches, seeking them out so we can invite them to Church.  For the record, they don't walk around in pointed black hats, riding on a broomstick, they look just like us.

I mean seriously, who wants a witch in our Church?  Having a witch sitting three seats down from us in the middle of praise and worship is just not the picture we see of a mainstream Church.  It doesn't fit with the stereotype or typical church setting, does it.

Yet if we really want to be technical, and I mean, break this thing down to the real picture, we have lots of witches sitting in our pews or padded chairs every Sunday morning.  In I Samuel 15:23, the Bible says "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king."  

When we know to do something that is right, and don't do it, that is witchcraft, yes, right there in the pew.  In fact, I've seen witches raise their hands and praise, pray and even come to the altars, and walk out the same way they came in...rebelling against the Word of God.

The typical Church is a family focused place of worship, where the children are dropped off in the nursery after being checked through security, the greeters have on their biggest smiles and shake your hands as you walk through the doors, so it just doesn't seem like the kind of place the witches fit in.

Let me tell you what the real church should look like.  Unlike the lame man sitting by the gate of the temple all his life, getting tossed a coin every once in awhile from the religious folk who walked in and out the doors to pray, the Church should be a place of MIRACLES, it should be a place where the BOUND are set FREE.  The church should never close a service without an opportunity for LOST people to come to KNOW Jesus as their Savior, and it should be a place where EVERYBODY is welcome to come at least ONCE.

Many churches today are no more than a gathering of the socially elite, closed to any form of change or God forbid, disruption in the religious pattern of their services.  Many are no more than a mortuary injecting embalming fluid into their religious victims while they sit and sing another stanza of Amazing Grace with the stench of hypocrisy all over them.  Many, not all, but many of our pulpits are filled with dead religious rhetoric, no Holy Ghost anointing, and certainly not operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Our preachers in our pulpits, or should we say lectures or podiums, have stimulated the intellect without touching the heart.

It was not so in the early Church.  The early Church gave everything they had to advance the Kingdom, making sure everyone was well taken care of.  The early Church prayed, travailed, wept and if necessary, laid down their lives for what they believed, while most Churches today, build idolatrous cathedrals, leaving an architectural legacy but empty hearts, quite content to have their name engraved on a memorial wall of death, hoping that in the afterlife, eternity will be good to them.

Don't get me wrong, there are many great Churches fulfilling the Great Commission, but even they have got to get back to inviting witches to Church.  You see, Churches must be a place where sin dies and life comes, and witches, and drug dealers, corporate thieves and prostitutes, murderers, liars, cheats and other kinds of people, just like you and I were at one time, need to find a place where they can experience the LIFE CHANGING POWER OF GOD. 

If we don't invite them, open the doors, they will continue to pursue their quest in life for some other form of power that is not of God.  Friend, it's time we stopped walking past them, yes, the ones sitting outside our Churches, crippled in sin, begging in desperation not for what they want, but for what they need.  You have so much more in your pockets then a little silver and gold, you have God, and His Son Jesus Christ.  

Make it your goal in life as a Spirit Filled, on fire Christian, to reach down to those that are lost in sin, say to them "such as I have give I unto you, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk."  

See, I hope to see all kinds of people, including witches come into Church, and walk out JUMPING AND LEAPING AND PRAISING GOD!