If possible, we try to keep our Saturdays open to work around the house.  We have about a gazillion trees so keeping up with the yard work is a bit of a chore, but we enjoy that time together as crazy as that may sound.

Anyone knows that with trees, comes leaves, and so it is almost an impossible task to keep up with raking the leaves around our property, but we are determined to try to make it look as best we can.  The other day I was raking leaves down the side of the house, an area covered in leaves, sticks and twigs, and it certainly needed it.

As I began to rake, I was encouraged to see the green grass under the leaves trying to make its way through, and by the time I finished raking, I was much more hopeful about the possibility of once again having green grass down the side of the house.

Without a doubt, no grass would ever have grown, had I not raked it there.  

Many times in our lives, with all the hindrances to growth, we must allow God to clean out some of the things that make it necessary for real growth to come.  The cares of life can fall on us just like those leaves, sticks and twigs fell on our lawn, and if we don't deal with it, then it will eventually lead to a limited if not lifeless walk with God.

Life itself will dump stuff on you every day, and if we are not quick to rid ourselves of these things, they will weigh us down and hinder our progress.  In fact, many times I would look at the lawn beside the house, if we can even call it that, and say "what's the use, it's never going to grow again," but as soon as I began to clean out the debris that had fallen on it over the winter months, I was encouraged to see the fresh green sprouts of grass peeking their way through reaching upward toward the sun for an opportunity to grow.

That deep desire in your life to grow in God is strong, but can be covered by the debris of life. discouraging you to the point of almost wanting to quit, but don't let it, because there is life underneath, you just have to clean away the debris.

In Mark 4:19, the Bible says "And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful." 

You were born to bear fruit, to make things happen, to build up and not tear down, but if the enemy can stifle your growth and choke the Word of God out of your life, he will render you unfruitful.  So rake away friend, rid yourself of the cares of this world and make room for new exciting growth to take place from now until He comes again!