I’m convinced that even though at times it can be the most challenging life, living by faith is the only way God wants us to live.  For almost 33 years now, it has seemed as though we are continually being challenged to go to higher levels in our faith and trust in God.  After while, it becomes the normal in your life, and living from miracle to miracle, faith to faith and Glory to Glory just seems to be where it is the best place to live. 

So for today, I wanted to just share a few thoughts on faith because there is another side to this that many people fail to see, and later in life, we see the fruit, good or bad because of wrong choices and wrong decisions.

First, living totally dependent upon God does not mean that you do not walk through the day to day decisions of everyday life.  Extreme faith might try to say, just give everything to God and He will take care of you, kind of like a father takes care of his children.  Well, absolutely, we know God has promised He would take care of us, provide for us, after all, He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.  God has given us a guideline, or patterns and principles in the Bible of how we should live, but none of those are void of us operating in Godly wisdom and making good decisions.

When I mention the word “success” the first thought that comes to peoples minds is most often, “money”.  It’s because we equate success with money in our society, and truthfully, the Bible does say “money answereth all things”.  Yet faith is not just giving your tithes and offerings to the work of God and throwing yourself in the arms of God and telling Him to take care of you.  Faith is obedience according to the patterns already provided and second, hearing from the Holy Spirit so we are knowledge led in the tithe, and we are Spirit led in the sowing of seed for offerings.

All our giving should be mixed with faith!  When we tithe, we should do so not with a religious obedience, because obedience can be done with joy and it can be done with rebellion.  We should do so with an attitude that says 'God, I know that as I live and obey your Word, that obedience mixed with faith will return a harvest as your word declares in Malachi 3:10.'

So faith is not just doing, it is also operating in Godly wisdom.  Let me give you an example.  A wise Christian will give, not just because of obedience and the Biblical pattern set before us, but also because we are motivated by love.  Love makes us put God first in ALL THINGS.  Yet, what about the other side.  I have seen many people who are wonderful givers, yet continue to struggle financially.  This happens because their giving was not mixed with faith, and second, because we should also use Godly wisdom to invest.  God spoke to us about investing, and multiplying our resources.  To the wicked slothful servant who hid the money given to Him, the master was not pleased because he operated from a position of fear.

God has promised wealth, He has told us He would give us the power to make wealth, yet so many good Christians today still live in continual struggle.  Let me ask you a question, if you were asked to give $500 today, would you be able to do that? or, would it be very difficult for you? Most would have to say it would be very hard for them to find $500 to sow.  How did Abraham become wealthy, how did Job become wealthy, and many others in the Bible?  They invested!  They invested in cattle, they invested in lands, they invested in things that would produce a revenue source to make them very wealthy men at that time.  

So first, honor the Lord with all your substance, make this the priority, but second, pray for opportunities where God will lead you and guide you in ways to increase your wealth.  If this looks impossible for you because you are living paycheck to paycheck, I will prove you wrong.  Start today, take five dollars, and put it in an interest bearing account where you cannot access it, have it done automatically each week.  This is the beginning to your bringing yourself into a better position financially and living blessed to be a blessing!  That $500 check one year from now will not be any problem at all, because you have been obedient, you have mixed faith with your giving, you have given joyfully and you have applied wisdom to the money left over to multiply it for the work of the Kingdom.  

Tomorrows blog will take us deeper in this so be sure to stay with us and share this with as many as you can using the share button below.