Do you remember the story about “The Little Engine That Could”.  It started back in 1902 and described a long train that needed to be pulled over a high mountain.  Larger engines were asked to pull the train, engines that would have appeared to have no problem to scale the high mountain heights, but for one reason or another, they refuse, and so a smaller engine agrees to try.  The smaller engine hooks up to the long train behind it and starts off on the journey, seemingly impossible for it did not have the power of the larger engines, but determined it would succeed and helped itself along the way by repeating the now famous words..”I think I can, I think I can”. 

The world is made up of many different kinds of people, but narrowing in on two, the ones who think they can and the ones who think they can’t.  We have all seen the stories of people who were born, or who have experienced a tragedy in life that caused them to be physically handicapped, only to see them overcome insurmountable odds and make something that others thought impossible to happen.  I call these people heroes, because they should inspire all of us to Make Things Happen!

The two very necessary ingredients in your life are first and foremost God, because with God “All Things Are Possible”, and second, the ability to think things possible.  So we understand very well the God factor, yes, with God all things are possible.  We quote it, preach it, sing it, say it over and over, yet often fail to scale the mountaintops because the fact is many, while setting out with great intentions, fade over time from saying “I think I can” to saying “I think I can’t”.  It may come out like more like this, “I am going to do my best”, or “I’ll sure try”.  

I mean, if I was hanging off a cliff holding onto a small rope with someone at the top holding the other end, I’m not sure I want to hear the words “I’ll sure try”, as I ask him to pull me up.  At that point in life, you need someone who will MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Philippians 4:13 tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, yet why do some Christians fail to accomplish so many things?  It’s because even though you can know a verse in the Bible, it has to go beyond that, to now taking that verse and letting it become a part of you.  Know it so well, that you say not even “I think I can” but “I KNOW I Can”.  

Opportunities in life are limitless, there is no one that cannot see great things accomplished, our only setback is in our heart and in our head.  With God all things are possible, now let’s go do it.  Don’t be an excuse maker, with a back of the bus mentality, feeling like everybody else is better than you.  God made you perfect, He made you how He wanted you to be.  All the things you need to scale the mountain, He has given you.  Stop looking at the bigger engines, and start looking at all the things God has given you.  

David stared into the eyes of a giant many times bigger than himself.  Place yourself in David’s position just for a moment.  Goliath made a big mistake, he mocked David’s God.  Your reason and motive for doing something must always be because God is first in your life.  David defended the honor of Israel’s God. Second, he defended Israel.  The odds were certainly against him, Goliath was bigger, stronger, but not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed.  David had God, and he also had experience.  He said to Goliath, “today, the Lord will deliver you into my hands”.  David was the original “I think I can” young shepherd boy who when all the other stronger ones found an excuse why they couldn’t, David said “I think I can”.  Yet even with greater confidence, because he declared victory before he even put the first stone in his slingshot.

Don’t let the excuses in life stop you from the great blessings and successes God has for you.  Get God’s Word for you in your heart, and then let it convert into great confidence, authority and assurance that no matter what you set out to do in life, “you know you can” because God has made YOU capable, and given you His Holy Spirit to be with you, and in you to make sure it happens.  

Don’t let success evade you because others around you look more capable.  Don’t let it evade you because of the size of the mountain, when God is with you these things don’t matter.  What matters is you need to keep saying, “I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN”.