I was about 6 or maybe 7 at the most, and the highlight of my week was when my father, a hard working manager in a company that built tall skyscrapers and shopping malls, would ask me if I wanted to go his workplace with him on a Saturday morning.  Every Saturday for most of my life, I remember my dad putting in “overtime” to make some extra money for the family, and to go with him was like the thrill of a lifetime.

Once there, I would run to his office and always be amazed when I opened the top drawer of his desk, because for some reason, the drawer was filled with keys.  Yes, ordinary keys, some to door locks, some to pad locks, and who knows what else.  One day I asked him if I could have the keys and to my amazement, he said “Yes”.  I remember putting them all on a key ring, maybe 20 or 30 keys, and in my young mind, it gave me a feeling of such importance.  

I would walk around with this weighted down ring of keys attached to the belt loop on my corduroy pants, and feeling like I was on the top of the world because, well, I had the keys.  Of course in my young mind, it didn’t matter to me that I had no idea what they opened, and never would know, what mattered was “I had the keys”

In your life right now, there will always be something that stands between you and the next thing that is about to unfold, that can only be accessed by a key.  A key will open the door, unlock the box or start the car, and allow you to access what is on the other side, taking you to a new place where you haven’t been before.

In Joshua 3, they tell the Children of Israel to follow the Ark of the Covenant, because they have not been this way before, it’s a new place, and the key is obedience, your total devotion to walk in the Divine Plan God has set before you.  Although there were many people here, each one had to make a decision to follow after God to a place they did not know and had not been.  

Today, God is about to take you into a new place, and I encourage you to refuse to allow the past to cloud the new bright hope filled future God has for you.  Hundreds may read this today but each one will have a choice, to follow or to forfeit this opportunity.  I personally think, the excitement of opening a door that I have not walked through before is the best part.  If I knew what was on the other side the thrill is gone.  God is forever leading us into new things, He’s a God of new things, and my knowing is not the necessary part, but my obedience is.

By the way, doors are not only meant to be opened, they are meant to be closed.  God has put a door before you and a key in your hand, but it will be your trust, faith and obedience that will cause you to open and walk through, or turn back to the familiar place where you leveled off and could go no further.  Walk through that door today, step into what is not known, but knowing that everything will be just fine because your are following the Ark, the presence of God is ever before you.   Shut the door behind you on that place of limitation, and step into that new place, where you have never been, but you know it’s going to be amazingly wonderful because God is there, and He will Bless you Abundantly.