I remember him standing there in the pulpit, a skinny, scrawny little preacher, maybe 130 pounds at best.  Glasses sliding down his nose, a black mustache and balding on the top.  To a look at him, you wouldn't think much, but to know him was to know a level of faith that few will ever walk in.  I didn't know him well, he was much older, and in fact is in Heaven now, but when he spoke, it was profound and it was always words from God's Word filled with faith.  His name was Winston Nunes, a Pastor from Toronto Canada, and a great man of God.

He was asked one time by Benny Hinn, "what is the best way for a Christian to get out of debt.?  Debt by the way is a constricting tool of the enemy to keep you in lack and struggle all the days of your life.  One of your highest priorities in life should be to have NO DEBT, Period!  When asked the question, he said, "the best way to get out of debt, is to GIVE YOUR WAY OUT."

If you think small, you will get small, live small and stay small, but if you start to think in a grander scale, like God thinks, with no limits or boundaries, it will be the beginning of turning your situation around.  See yourself blessed, prosperous, and set goals of where you would like to be within a couple of years.

Financial freedom begins in the area of our giving and there are four types of giving I want to share with you.  The first area of giving is in the TITHE.  The tithe declares your obedience to God, and as Malachi declared, it opens the windows of Heaven and rebukes the devourer.  Did you know you can make a lot of money and lose it just as fast.  Like putting your money in your pockets but having holes in your pockets, it can go as quick as it came.  Tithing secures you, it keeps the devourer away, sows up the holes in the pockets and as Heavens windows open over your life, the thief can steal it no longer, because obedience seals what God gives you.

The second type of giving is FIRST FRUITS.  Proverbs 3:9 & 10 says "Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the first fruits of all your crops (income);  Then your barns will be abundantly filled and your vats will overflow with new wine.  Again, to obey God in the BEST giving, the FIRST FRUITS of everything, brings substantial increase in your life.  Why would we give God anything less than the very best.  I tell my Church all the time, God is not a portion of all we have, He is everything and must be honored that way in all our giving.

The third area of giving is ALMS giving.  This is giving to a need, to the poor, but as wonderful as it is, it is not giving that produces a return, it is kindness and certainly wonderful.  People who refuse to Tithe and refuse to sow First Fruits offerings, but in turn think they are giving because the give money to the Boy Scouts or to a needy person need to know that is not Blessed Giving, it is simply giving.  Some call it sympathy giving, thank you for your kindness but don't use it in place of the true obedient giving to the Work of God.  In fact, some people do it to soothe their conscience because of their disobedience in the real area of Godly giving.  We are all held accountable as stewards.  Did you know that sometimes the worst thing you can do is to give money  to someone.  A person on the street doesn't need ten dollars, they need Jesus and then maybe lunch.  You are accountable for the cash you put in some peoples hands, and they just as quick as you give it to them will buy another bottle of liquor or another bag of crack cocaine.

Then the fourth area of giving is called SEED GIVING.  This is giving by FAITH, trusting God even when you give what you don't have.  I consider this one of the greatest areas of giving, for a couple reasons.  Number one is this type of giving is led by the Holy Spirit.  God speaks to you to do something and you obey with a SEED.  God is not ever going to ask something of us for no reason at all.  Second, it opens the door to allow God access into your life to bring an abundant blessing back to you.  This kind of giving is MULTIPLICATION giving, and it will produces the greatest and largest financial return in your life.  By the way, there is nothing wrong with thinking in multiples of thousands instead of tens and hundreds.  Mike Murdock once said he only ever began to see substantial breakthrough financially after he sowed his first $1000 seed.

Living in lack does not glorify God, living at a level where you are managing, does not glorify God, living in extreme wealth does not glorify God either, but what does glorify God is our complete obedience and trust in Him and His Word.  When you obey the Word, and obey the direction of the Holy Spirit in your SEED GIVING, you have the right to speak and call into your life everything you need as it lines up with God's Word.

If you are not a giver, start today, Tithe, Give of your First Fruits and Sow Seed and watch the Divine turnaround that is about to take place in your life.  Mark it down, one year from today, I would love to hear the testimonies of where God will bring you as you trust Him in this area of Giving.