If you have fear in your life, it didn't come from God.  Many things going on in some believers lives are learned.  The Bible says in II Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us a spirit of fear, note that it is spirit with a small "s" not a capital.  Nothing from God will ever cripple you or hinder you, nor will God ever give you anything to cause you to feel helpless, alone or afraid, fear is not of God.

Fear can be paralyzing, and can often lead to a very low place in life.  It's a poison, with the intention to take your focus away from God and place it on the things that are happening around you.  Quite frankly, it's a spirit, but not from God.

One important thing you need to know about fear is that it will try to come on anyone and everyone. Fear is no respecter of anything or anyone, and it is a spiritual battle that requires the armor of our salvation and spiritual weapons to defeat it.

To overcome fear, you need to use the right weapons.  You don't go hunting without a gun or a bow, so why would we come to battle unprepared to fight the enemy?  This battle of fear requires weapons for the front line, offensive artillery that will take out the enemy.  Spiritual battles require spiritual weapons. 

One of the most powerful weapons to combat fear is PRAISE.  Your PRAISE is a WEAPON, and God gave you a mouth to declare and a heart to confess the power of your God.  Praise is exalting Jesus and diminishing every spirit of fear that would ever try to come on or near you or your house.  Praise demoralizes the enemy, it defeats him on every angle and paralyzes all the attacks he is trying to bring against you.

Wake up in the morning praising God, throughout the day and until you lay your head to rest, keep praising Him, because if you do that, there will be no room for the enemy to access your mind with fear.  

And second, if you want to destroy the spirit of fear, PRAY!  The effectual FERVANT prayer of a righteous man availeth much James said.  Prayer is powerful, and in penetrates the most demonic situations that would try to come upon you.  Pray without ceasing Paul the Apostle said, pray always, or be in a constant state of prayer.

Paul and Silas in Acts 16 were in a dark place, a dungeon, which I am sure was filled with spirits of fear.  At midnight, we find them praying and singing, praising God and suddenly an earthquake came and the entire prison was shaken and the doors were opened and their shackles fell off their feet, now that's pretty amazing.

The next time any kind of fear tries to come upon you, use your spiritual weapons, PRAYER & PRAISE and take the head off the enemy. In Psalm 56:9 the Psalmist said, "This I know, that God is for me."  

Remind yourself every day that you have the AUTHORITY to resist the devil, and if you resist him, then he must do what the Word of God says, he must flee.  Anything you give room to will attach itself to you, set up camp and stay around as long as you allow it to, but if you give it no place, it can't stay.  

It's time you evicted that demonic tenant that took up space, paid no rent and who was destined to destroy you.  Put him to the curb, and lock the door on fear forever!  The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, and when you walk in faith as you will see in the verse below, then it's all just FALSE, but if you believe it, then it becomes real to you.

Open your mouth saint of God and declare yourself free from FEAR in Jesus name and you will feel a flood of the awesome presence of God come upon you and destroy the works of darkness.

Mark 11:22-24 "Have FAITH in God, for whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart but believe that those things that he saith, shall come to pass, He shall have whatever he says."