I heard a Pastor of a Church the other day say from his pulpit to his congregation "we are probably all struggling because I don't talk enough about giving."  He went on to say, the reason I don't talk about it is because I am so afraid to offend someone.  I know this Church, they are good people, but they are struggling to even pay their electric bill, and this is not how God wants us to live.  It is so very sad that most preachers will not preach or teach from the Bible about true Biblical blessing in a financial way.

In a day when 76% of Christians live paycheck to paycheck and more than 80% of Christians have some form of debt it would make you wonder if they would like to continue to live that way, or if God has given us a remedy for financial freedom, would they take it.  It makes you wonder if there is a connection between the fact that across America, less than 3% of people actually tithe and most Christians are living below the standard of acceptable living.

In Deuteronomy chapter 8, the Bible tells us that "God has given us the power to make wealth," but you have to read the full chapter to really understand what God is saying.  He is careful to tell us that we should not say "Look what we have done with our own hands, our hands got us this wealth."  Wealth obtained through prideful hearts, and lives absent of God is not the kind of wealth Moses was talking about here in Deuteronomy.

The glory must always go to God!  Wealth without God at the center of it all is worthless, because it will never be enough to purchase what money cannot buy.  When Solomon was asked what he wanted, he could have had anything, but he chose to ask for wisdom.  When the Queen of Sheba came to Solomon, she came for one reason, to hear Solomon's wisdom, and upon hearing it, she presented him with almost 5 tons of gold as a gift.  He was so wise that anyone who came to him to inquire of his wisdom, came bearing gifts.  All totaled, in today's prices, it is said that Solomon's wealth in gold was about 40 billion dollars, but this did not include all his wealth from other sources.  

So what does it mean when God said "He has given us the power to get wealth."  It means that found within the pages of scripture are the principles and practices to apply to our lives, and in so doing, the blessing of the Lord will be upon us.  Integrity, purity, holiness, obedience and faith all working together will lead you into the path of Blessing.  Remember, our objective is never wealth, that's what the world will tell you.  The worlds way is "get rich quick" and opportunity after opportunity, but if we operated in the wisdom of God, many of us would be a lot farther down the road financially than we are today, and in turn, be able to help fund the Gospel being preached around the world.

If you want wealth, honor the Lord with your whole heart, put Him first above all things, obey His word in the area of giving in your life, and when you give, give rejoicing, give with joy, not with fear.  Never give thinking of what you don't have or the bills you have to pay, always give rejoicing saying "I thank you Lord that you will bless and increase me for all I need."  Fear will strangle the blessing of God right out of your life!  

If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, and burdened down with debt, then it's time you saw the root cause, the systemic condition in the Church, and start walking by faith and obedience and "Put God First."  Set aside what belongs to God, the Tithe is Holy and to use it for anything than what God intended is a fast track to struggle and will put you back under the curse and not under the Blessing of Abraham.  Your offerings are Spiritual, it is something we inquire of the Lord and ask Him what we should give, not how much we can keep.

Apply these principles to your life and develop a pattern of faithful obedience in the area of giving and you are on your way to a whole new life, a free life and a blessed life!