Day 24/40: THE BEST OF TIMES...

Have you ever felt like you were living in the middle of Charles Dickens book "The Tale of Two Cities."  Have you felt lately like we are living in that era where he said "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  Light and darkness, spring of hope and winter of despair all at the same time.  You are not the only one, many, even born again Christians are feeling the anticipation and excitement of standing on the precipice of something great in God while also feeling like we are leaning over the cliffs of insanity.  It's interesting times no doubt, desperate might even be a better way to describe the age we are living in, and certainly, this is no time to be casual in our relationship with Jesus.

We were just blessed with our third grandchild, a little girl, and like any baby, they want to stick it full of needles, inoculations, etc. etc.  The other day, they were taking little Noa Kate to the doctor for a check up, and possibly a few of these needles, and as one of the Grandfathers, I made sure I got my two cents in, and said, "be careful what you let them inject her with."  Of course, our son and his beautiful wife are great parents, but you know Grandparents.  

I know sometimes we may not like what we hear, even behind the pulpit from your Pastor, but I would rather have a Spiritual Leader who is watching out for you, preaching from the pulpit "BE CAREFUL WHAT THIS OLD WORLD TRIES TO INJECT YOU WITH."  Unfortunately, many of the puppets that are filling our pulpits are not presenting the FULL GOSPEL, and the result may be temporary enthusiasm, but long term apathy, leading to an epidemic we see in many Churches today what I call "CASUAL CHRISTIANITY."

These are desperate times, not fearful, but it is a time when every person who calls Jesus their Lord and Savior must stand up taller than ever before and be ready to press into their faith and contend for a great move of God in this nation one more time.  Unfortunately, we have many who have been injected with what Martin Luther King called "The tranquilizing drug of gradualism" sliding down the slippery slope into a complacent lifestyle spiritually.

When we can have Churches with no anointing, preaching with no conviction and music where the name of Jesus is not even heard or mentioned, this is the culture that fosters a complacent relationship.  It's like a marriage with no sizzle, no fire, no passion.  It's apathy at it's highest level, letting some hold the ropes of responsibility while others, the majority, sit and appear almost anesthetized, with an "I don't care" attitude.  It's casual, and it's not acceptable in the Church!

I am not impressed with people in the Church who worship worship but don't have a passion to win the lost.  As much as I love to worship, I am a worshipper, but my worship, leads me to do the will of the Father.  Souls are the highest priority of Heaven, and yet, many in our Churches today stand almost as if drugged into a stupor, unaware of a lost and perishing humanity headed towards an eternity without Christ.  Somehow, the enemy has been allowed to infiltrate people and inject them with a drug we never should have permitted.

Yes, it is true that Gideon's army was reduced down to one out of every 100 before it could become an effective army, those who meant business with God.  This truly is the best of times and the worst of times.  Some Churches are organized, others are disorganized, with division within the ranks, no focus or vision, which incidentally is far more destructive that any outside work of the enemy.

This is severe, the lack of concern, and as long as you're ready to meet the Lord others are not my responsibility.  Let us not sleep or slumber during these most desperate times, but rather take up our cross and follow Him with greater passion and fervency then ever before.

What would we do if everybody actually came to Church on the same Sunday, if 100% of people who know the Word, tithed and gave instead of the 2.4% of Americans that actually do.  What if we put Jesus first in everything, and truly believed that if we put God's House first, He will take great care of our house?  The flesh is not just a temptation to sin, it is an attitude of "I will come when I feel like it" or "I will move at my own pace."

Comfortable and calloused, relaxed and in a state of hibernation, people today are living in the same way John spoke about when he addressed the Laodicean Church, not hot, not cold, not necessarily opposed to anything in the Church, just not interested in being involved.

We are not called to sit around and watch others do the work, we are called to be an army marching in unison and unity.  We will not go silently into the night, rather we will turn our casual lifestyle into a courageous life giving force to this world who, without Christ, will never see the eternal rewards of Heaven.  Soon, all we have will be gone or passed down to the next generation, much of our earthly gain will be found on the tables at garage sales and trash bags will be filled and found out on the curbs on a Monday morning full of what we felt held such value.  

Only what is done for Christ will last, it's the eternal, so let us not worship the temporal.  

Let me encourage you today, the reader, to follow after Christ with everything within you, re-energize your walk today, fire yourself up, stir yourself to greater things in God, and put anything that once resembled a casual life of Christianity behind you, and press toward the mark as Paul said, and together, let's take as many with us to Heaven as we possibly can.

Pray for your Church today, don't judge others, but pray that those who may be casual will be transformed into a burning red hot radical Christian!