It's Sunday, so I'll be brief.  The power and victory God has made available to each of us in our salvation is incredible, but possibly the most underused gift we have ever received.  It is almost as if we have a battery operated gift, but forgot to put the batteries in.

Paul said in Romans 5, we have been justified, or saved, by faith.  So it's a given, we are saved. But do you know what comes with the package?  For some of you it's time to put the batteries in so you can function in the full measure of God's wonderful grace and mercy upon your lives.

He said now that we are saved....we have!  Most people stopped at the Justified part, yes, my sins are forgiven, yes, I am going to Heaven, yes, I am now a Christian, but failed to access the benefits that come with the package.  

If you read on a bit in Romans 5, you will see that it goes on to say several things that come with our salvation.  Don't walk around without the power of God operating in your life.  Because you are saved, you are an overcomer, you are mighty, you are victorious.  Paul said, now that you have been "Justified by faith" you have PEACE WITH GOD!  Yes, peace is part of the blessing we receive when we come to know Jesus Christ.  You mean I don't have to walk around struggling and stressing, fearing and fretting anymore? a thousand times NO!  Peace is yours today because it's one of the benefits of your salvation.  Second, he said, "we have access", or passage directly to God...anytime, anywhere!  Salvation entitles you to boldly come to the Throne of God, accessing Him!  No more earthly priesthood, no more confessional, no more middle men, just straight into the presence of God.  In your worship, its you and God, no one else.  

And third, Paul said, "Wherein we stand."  that means, you have a position in God that you never had before.  The devil didn't fear you when you were isolated and alone.  You were not a threat to him when you were disconnected from God, but now that you're saved, watch out devil, because you have a "position" in God you never had before, which simply means an authority that can put the devil on the run.

The next time the enemy tries to isolate you, cause you to be afraid or rob you of your peace, you need to draw upon the Word of God that reminds us as "Saved" "Born Again" "Believers" we are invincible to the fiery darts of the wicked one, because the package of your salvation contained so much more than most people realize.  

I'm saved, therefore I have Peace, Passage and Position and because God is for me, there is nothing I cannot do today!  Have a Blessed and Prosperous day today!