So, you want to be blessed, of course you do, everybody wants to be blessed, who would refuse the blessing of God upon our lives, but believe it or not, some do and they don't even know it.   The purpose of these 40 days is to bring us all as Christians to a higher place of victory and strength in our relationship with God and in our faith.

Punctuality precedes promotion!  If you want to better yourself, advance to a higher position, move forward in life and in your walk with God, then it is going to require something.  It demands discipline, and punctuality is a relative of discipline.  We think we can get away with things when no one is watching, like God for example, but in reality, God is always watching, every moment of your life, He sees us, knows us and watches how we operate.  He is the ultimate punch clock, and if we show great discipline and punctuality to worldly things, but are slothful in our spiritual life, we forfeit the blessing.

I was telling someone the other day, showing up early for work, is very commendable, but habitually showing up late is not acceptable.  You can show up early a hundred times, but show up late three times, and you might get fired.  You can't say to your boss, "well what about all the times I was early."  That won't matter, because that's not an issue of punctuality, being late is.

Now I know there is no commandment in the Bible that says "thou shalt never be late" but if someone has a problem for whatever reason of habitually showing up late, there is a serious problem, because not only will they forfeit their promotion potential, but it is simply just not pleasing to God.  God looks on the heart, and there is a heart problem here.  I Samuel 16:7 the Bible says...“for the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

If you love something, you will be punctual!  It is simply just not fair if others are waiting on you before something can start, and it speaks volumes regarding your love and respect for others.  It's rude to be late, Paul said that in I Corinthians 13:5.  The old saying, "your word is your bond" is very powerful, and if you give your word, or know to be somewhere, on time, then you should be.  We should be known as people of our word, not known as always slothful, late, unconcerned about others, because all of our actions as Christians point directly back to Jesus, so ask yourself, "do you bring Him honor?  Colossians 3:23 says “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."

This is so connected to our "Blessed Life" because if we are not disciplined in this area, it will show up in patterns all throughout our life.  Once a person lives slothful, lazy and undisciplined in one area, it will metastasize to all areas of their lives.  We have a business owner in our Church who runs a very successful, very integral business.  They are growing all the time and always hiring new employees, so whenever we have someone out of work at the Church, they always come to mind.  However, more often now, I have to stop myself, because as much as I want to see people blessed with jobs, I know some of them won't last so I don't even recommend them, however, those that I have seen a pattern of punctuality, a good work ethic and disciplined life, are a joy to recommend.  You may be reading this right now, and say "I am where I am today because someone recommended me."  That's right, they saw in you a pattern that demonstrated exactly what I am talking about here. 

If you want to be blessed, be punctual!  Punctuality has nothing to do with wether you like what you are doing or not, but it does show God, that if you will be faithful in these little areas of life, He will open doors before you, doors of blessing.  You cannot pray for God to bless you, and live an undisciplined life in business, work or your Church.

If you want to be blessed, be on time, in fact, show up early once in awhile, it might not get you promoted, but it sure will get you noticed, and that has huge rewards.  

The good news is there is hope.  It might just be a matter of dealing with a bad habit you have had for awhile, or maybe just learn to plan ahead, or here is a profound thought, get a better alarm clock.  Whatever it takes, do it, because life is not meant to be lived at the same level, it is a continuous acceleration advancing you forward and ultimately to our great reward in eternity!  

Remember, life is not just about you, it is about others, because you have the potential to pull someone up to a higher place in God, but through bad lifestyle habits, you can cause someone to stumble, so reverse the trend, and get ready for the Blessing of God!

A desire to be promoted is normal, in fact it should be everybody's desire, and a pattern of punctuality will bring promotion into your path, but the slothful, lazy and unprepared will miss out.  We learned this in Matthew 25, when 5 foolish virgins were just not ready, and the result was missing out on the greatest opportunity of their lives.  

Don't miss out, change the pattern if you need to, but the change will be worth it when you see the blessings of the Lord begin to come upon your life!