Some people want a buffet style Christianity, where you can pick and choose what you like and forget about the rest, but that's not why God gave us His Word.  The Bible consists of 66 books, we call the "Canon of Scripture."  If God only wanted us to be New Testament saints, we would never have the 39 books of the Old Testament.  Always remember, the New Testament is built upon the foundation of the Old Testament, it does not eliminate it.

Having said that, the blessing of God is conditional upon lots of things, but to keep it simple, the most important detail in our lives is to live in "OBEDIENCE" to God's Word.  This can cover a lot of areas, like commitment to the House of God, putting God's House first, seeking to live Holy, and so forth.  But the one area that is so important to the blessing of God upon our lives is in our obedience in the area of giving.

Prosperity is not a bad word, if it was, God would never have used it in scripture.  He told us that He desires us to prosper, so obviously it's not evil or bad to want to prosper.  We would be fools to want to live in a place where we could never advance, bound by financial strongholds, etc.  God in fact said to us, Beloved, I wish ABOVE ALL THINGS, that you would PROSPER.  Now prosperity has to do with money, but it is not all about money.  If it were just about having lots of money, you could say Bill Gates is a prosperous man, but I would not say that.  I would say he is a rich man, but God forbid, even rich men can miss out on Heaven's eternal reward.  Prosperity is wealth with joy, the satisfaction that your name is in the Lambs Book of Life and that the purpose to your prosperity to to be a blessing to the work of God and to bless others.

This level of blessing is reserved for those who are faithful and obedient.  Not periodic givers or when they feel like it givers.  Giving to God is not conditional only upon the fact that you were in the Church building and you heard the message.  We don't "pay" to hear the preacher or anything like that, we simply obey.  Giving, tithing, sowing is a lifestyle, where it is our first priority to give and return to God the very best of our income.  If you want to be Biblically prosperous, then you need to recognize that place is reserved for "Tithers."  Failing to obey God's Word disqualifies you from receiving the abundance and abundant life God has for you.  God Himself said in Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.”

According to God's Word, the FIRST ten percent of all that we earn does not belong to us, it belongs to God, He owns it all, but asks for us to obey Him in this area.  If you touch it, refuse to bring to God what belongs to Him, then you have stolen it.  Above and beyond the physical area of bringing the Tithe and the Offerings to God, is the condition of our hearts.  God always looks past the outward acts and looks into our hearts.  People who find themselves struggling in the area of finance should first look at their hearts to be sure they are not dealing with a wrong attitude towards this area of giving.  Make sure we are giving God our best, not what remains.  God always knows if our treasure is more important to us than to know to do what is right in our hearts.

A true giver will always know that the giving of the Tithe and Offerings activates the BLESSING of God upon our finances, but also upon every area of our lives.  God said "I will rebuke the devourer" and keep him away.  That means that it's not an on again and off again thing, but if your are a faithful obedient giver according to God's Word, then the enemy is kept away, and as a giver, you can live in the blessing of knowing that the enemy has no access to your life according to Malachi 3:10

Today is the first day of Spring, a great day to make a decision that you refuse to live in "Just Enough" or "Lack" any longer, but that as you step out in faith, trusting God, and putting Him first in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE INCLUDING YOUR FINANCES, that you will be abundantly blessed and successful in everything you put your hand to.  This my friend, is "LIFE'S SECURITY DETAIL" where God enters into covenant with us, that's the best security available!

Joshua 1a;3 - "Every place the soul of your feet shall tread, that have I given unto you"