I will never forget that feeling in the middle of my chest, but I couldn't understand it.  I was young, healthy, and had the entire world ahead of me, and yet this heavy weighty feeling on me that no words could explain.  Nothing was wrong, at least at that point, so I just continued to sit in the front passenger seat of the vehicle I was in until the feeling went away, but it never did.  

A few moments later, as we travelled down the road, cars began to back up, probably close to a half mile at this point.  Two ambulances came rushing past our vehicle on the other side, firetrucks and paramedics we rushing to the scene of what looked like a pretty horrific accident.  I could see the intersection, but it was still a long ways off.  I remember hearing a voice that spoke to me and said "RUN."  

Not knowing anything, I jumped out of the car I was in and ran as fast as I could to the scene of the accident.  The closer I got, the more clearly I could see and what I was seeing was starting to concern me greatly.  Now only about 300 feet away, it all came very clear, a black car, twisted around a large concrete pole in the middle of the intersection.  The car was almost cut in two pieces, the windows all gone, and the occupants had already been removed.

I looked into the car's back window, and there on the back floor were a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes I recognized to be my older sister Gwen's.  This was the car she was in, sitting in the backseat with her beautiful 10 month old daughter on their way home.  That day, they never made it home, at least not to her earthly home.  It all came to me now, the two ambulances that had rushed past us just ten minutes earlier, but little did I know that they were carrying the lifeless body of my sister and my niece.

They fought to save my sister for forty five minutes, but in the end, that was the day she went to Heaven.  Thankfully my little niece Rebecca after months of being in the hospital survived the tragic accident.

That was a difficult day, yet even now, twenty seven years ago today, March 18th, 1990, the vivid memory still remains branded in my minds eye.  I'm writing this blog to day because there will come a time into all our lives where severe pain and loss will come to each one of us, it is the course of this life.

What brings a person through such trauma, what keeps us going?  There is only one hope in our lives and that is our ability to keep our "FOCUS ON ETERNITY."  If there were no Heaven to gain there would be no perspective that we could keep our eyes on and our heart fixed upon to bring us through.  Our strength in difficult times comes from God, He is our very present help in the time of storms.  

My writing this blog is all about moving each reader forward to a higher place in their life and their relationship with Jesus Christ so that at the end of the forty days, you will be stronger in the Word, in faith and in your determination to succeed.

When tragedy strikes your life, when the enemy rips something out of your heart that would almost seem to cause you to be unable to move forward, it is then that you draw upon God's incredible strength, where even in the darkest moments, His grace is sufficient, it's powerful and life changing.  

Tears will flow, pain will come and that empty feeling of loss hits like a bitter chilling wind across our face, but one touch from Jesus gives us the strength to move on and though we never forget, we keep our focus on the greater thing in life, a Focus On Eternity.  Keep your eyes on Jesus, and refuse to allow the challenges in life, to rob you of all God will do through your life as you keep your eyes on Him!

*Dedicated to Gwendolyn May Bilsborough (Christink) April 29, 1957 - March 18, 1990