Imagine if it was you standing in front of the Red Sea with thousands of Egyptian soldiers in pursuit of you from behind and a massive body of water in front.  An impossible situation for sure without some Divine intervention.  They couldn't go left, it was all mountains, they couldn't go to the right, and their only hope was to go forward, but that looked impossible.

Life will always present us with impossible or in this case, impassible situations and as if that is not enough, we may not have the luxury of "time on our side" to make a decision.  Without a doubt, Moses didn't have a lot of time to contemplate the scenario, he had to save the lives of millions of Israelite's.  Sometimes the enemy will not only try to trap you in a difficult place, but you may even find that the good things you are trying to do are being questioned by the very ones you're trying to do good for.  The Israelite's were not all necessarily happy, some wanted to return to the very bondage they came out of.

In situations like this, you need to be very careful to hear from God, if you ask Him, He will always give you an instruction of what to do.  Moses needed a word right then and there.  God said, "take that stick and stretch out your hand over the sea and see the salvation of the Lord."

A stick!  Imagine their faces when they saw the seas begin to roll back on one side and the other.  Do you want to know the amazing thing about this story?  It's the audacity of the enemy.  The enemy even when he sees the supernatural power of God in operation, will still continue to try to destroy.  That's because he is the only one who has lived in Heaven, he knows the power of God, he was created by God, and so God's supernatural power is understood by him, but to us, we live by faith.  The enemy won't stop just because God intervenes, he will continue even though he knows he has lost the battle.

God wants you to step into new things, great things every day, and without a doubt, the enemy will always be in pursuit of you, trying to assassinate your dreams.  There will be days you feel like you are surrounded by impassible situations, mountains on the left and right, the enemy behind, but look what God has placed in your hands.  You may not have time to do a 7 part series on "overcoming the enemy" or a 12 week course on "how to defeat the devil."  You may just have moments, but in those moments, you draw upon your spiritual authority and your faith and anointing and stretch out your hand and watch the miracles of God unfold before your life.

Many good Bible believing Christians today have fallen into the trap of a passive sedate lifestyle, and will never accomplish much for the Kingdom.  This is a deceptive trick, don't let it happen to you.  If all you ever do is hide that talent under a rock, the Master will not be pleased.  You are called to produce, to be fruitful, to multiply with no fear of the enemy, because greater is He who is in you than He that is in the world.

Don't look at your past, start today, and ask the Lord what He would like you to do.  Attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.  

Every great and successful venture started with "One Small Step" and although there is nothing in God that should remain small, He does tell us "do not despise small beginnings" but the key word is beginnings.  A seed begins the process of a mighty oak tree coming out of the ground, and God is in the business of making small things BIG

Look at what's in your hand, in your case, you may not find a stick, but you do have a voice, so begin to Praise and Thank God, speak forth your dreams and visions, and what you want to accomplish in life and watch as the seas begin to open before you and defeat the enemy behind you!  Be Blessed!