When I was younger, I would come home from my school year at Bible College and work as a water ski instructor on one of the lakes in northern Ontario in our home country of Canada.  I always loved the water, and learned to swim almost before I could walk so the water was where I wanted to be a lot of the time, so water skiing was fun to me, more than a job. 

One summer me and the rest of my ski team wanted to put on a water ski show for all the students at the camp, so we lined them up on the side of the lake and proceeded to impress them with our tricks, and so forth.  You could hear them clapping from the shoreline as we went by and the boats created the waves that rolled up on the shore.

One of our stunts was for me and another friend to dress up like old ladies, with wigs and bathrobes, and ski down the lake for the “funny part” of the show.  Of course, in water skiing, if two skiers are being pulled behind one boat, if one goes down, the other has to go down also.  Well, my friend went down, so naturally I had to drop in the water as well.  The kids were laughing, cheering and loving the fact that we fell dressed as two old ladies.

What they didn’t know was that right in front of their very eyes, both my friend and I were literally being sucked into the deep water of the lake.  See, the terry cloth bathrobes, became like weights on us when saturated with water, and we couldn’t get them off, and for a moment, we didn’t know if we would get out of this thing alive.

Imagine, going down in front of a crowd of people, they are cheering while you are dying.  

Sometimes in life it is this same way.  We don’t see the full picture of someones life and though on the outside it may look like all is well, inside they are dying and we don’t even know it.  This is often the case even with Christians, who love the Lord, but don’t know what to do when things start to go wrong in their lives.  

In Matthew chapter 8, there is a powerful picture of Jesus rescuing his disciples when the storm rages against the boat they were in.  They allowed fear to grip them as it always will when life is viewed through the lens of our physical eyes.  Waves, wind, the driving rain tossing the boat around will certainly cause concern even to the most experienced sailors, but not when Jesus is with them.  Fearing the worst, they did what was NATURAL.  

Isn’t this often the case? Even in our Christian lives, we do what is NATURAL.  The only way to gain victory over situations in our lives is to see it from a different angle.  No storm ever caused Jesus to fear!  You, or someone you know may be going through the greatest battle or storm of their lives, yet others around them may not have any idea of what they are going through.  

The only way to overcome the storm is to stop being afraid.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s the enemy trying to overcome you with a spirit that is not of God.  So, what do you do?  You live in the understanding that the SUPERNATURAL, must become the natural to you, and the natural will no longer affect you.  Jesus Himself said, “have you no faith?”  

If all of those disciples, gripped by fear because of the storm, would have just believed, and not allowed that spirit of fear to come upon them.  Jesus will always take care of you, but you have to not only have Him in your life, but know He is there to help you.

II Timothy 1:7 says, 'God has not given you a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND.'  These three attributes are not natural, they are supernatural abilities, to overcome any attack of the enemy.  Supernatural POWER to defeat every attack, supernatural LOVE to go beyond your human emotions that may not want to love, and a supernatural SOUND MIND, that will know and see and believe that you can overcome anything and everything because Jesus is in your boat.

As a Christian, you don’t have to drown while the whole world watches, you just have to see yourself overcoming, see yourself as more than a conqueror, see the victory, not the defeat and no storm will ever take you out.