It’s the start of of a new week and I love days of new beginnings.  Whenever someone gives their life to Jesus at the altars of our Church, the Bible says all of Heaven rejoices, because it is a day of new beginnings.  

The success or failure of our day, week or life is conditional upon the way we approach things.  Our perspective should always be with a positive winning mindset, because that is how God wants us to be.  I wouldn’t be to motived at cheer on a runner in a race who is hoping for 5th place at best, we want to cheer on winners.  Unlike a running race or sports event, in most cases there can only be one winner, but in life, everybody can win, it just takes the right attitude.

It’s important to understand that even if God has given you the ability to win, the decision to win is still yours.  And that is all about attitude.  If you approach life with a defeated deflated attitude, your chances of success a minimal at best.  You’ve heard the saying “Your altitude depends on your attitude,” and it is very true.  

There was a track runner years ago by the name of Ben Johnson.  His times were off the charts and no one could keep up with him.  He was clocked one time on the 100 meter track with radar, and they came back saying that from the time he left the starting blocks to the time he crossed the finished line, he was in continual acceleration.  The focus it must take to keep your eyes on the finish line and allow nothing to interfere is quite impressive, but this is how we are to live.  As a Christian, we look to one thing.  The Bible says “seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”  When we get our attitude and our focus right, it is at this junction that all things become possible.

This can all sound quite exhausting, but remember, we are not talking about a physical endurance test here, we are talking about a spiritual race.  In a spiritual race, God fights for you, all he told us to do is stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, let Him fight the battle.  Our part is to keep our hearts pure, our attitude right and our vision clear to a bright and incredible future ahead.

I have probably preached a thousand messages on this very subject and all of them are running through my mind right now, but sufficient to say that nothing can affect your attitude more than the mistake of looking back.  If you look back to past failures and negative situations, it has the potential to affect your vision looking forward.  Yes, we learn from our mistakes, but we don’t dwell on them and so as we approach a new day, week, or life, let’s do so with this in mind.

Life is not having a conversation with yourself saying “ONE DAY.”  Life is getting back up on your feet after total failure and discouragement and saying “DAY ONE.”  It is about seizing the day and not allowing anything to hold you back.

Let me close with personal story.  My wife and I have been in the ministry almost 33 years.  In that time we have started several churches from scratch, and I mean scratch.  No big organization funding us, no network of other churches encouraging us or donating everything we needed.  We started with nothing.  I assure you, this is no easy task.  Many times we were so worn out and tired, discouraged and feeling defeated that we wanted to quit.  People came and went, money was scarce, but I would get up every morning after praying and God would remind me that if I remain faithful, He would bless the work of our hands.

With an attitude of “we won’t quit” we tackled each day with a winning mentality, we worked hard, because no church or business will ever succeed without a determination to succeed, and we overcame the negative people around us that would tell us to quit wasting our time.  

Every church we ever started, today they are still a strong and successful ministry, continuing to reach lives and make a difference in several countries of the world.  Not because we are the world’s number one Church planters, but because we have an “I won’t quit attitude.”  We know when God speaks to us, and tells us to do something, mixed with the right attitude, there is nothing you cannot do today.