As I set out to write this forty day blog, I felt the Lord speak to me about leading people into stronger more faith filled lives so that by the time we reach the fortieth day, we will all know Jesus more and walk with Him stronger and with more faith than ever before.  Part of this journey will be understanding how to live in the blessing of God, but in order to get there, we must first understand what it means to live a life without compromise.

A sad story in the Bible is the story of Esau and Jacob, twin brothers, Esau being the first born and Jacob following.  Esau, the hunter driven by hunger and exhaustion, comes home to find his brother cooking some soup, and in desperation, he trades his BIRTHRIGHT for a bowl of soup.  Compromise can be the greatest mistake a person can make in their life.  For a momentary time of satisfaction, to give up everything.  This was the tragic mistake Esau made, but millions have followed in the same pattern since.

The compromise was his mistake, but just as great was his lack of recognition of what his BIRTHRIGHT held for him.  In that era, families bestowed the birthright upon the firstborn, and in this case, it was Esau.  Being firstborn, he had greater access to his parents then the other children, and when they were away, the birthright made him in charge.  The third privilege of the birthright was that whoever was that child, that a double portion of the inheritance belonged to them.

Romans 5:1 tells us “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Through Him we also have access by faith into this grace in which we stand”.

The reason it is important for you to know who you are in Christ, is because you too as a Christian have all the rights of the firstborn.  Don’t live your life as a Christian void of the knowledge of what God has made available to you.  Romans 5 shows us that because of our Salvation, we have PEACE, and we have ACCESS and we have AUTHORITY and its all because we have JESUS!  Most sad to say will only ever live their life with the knowledge of their salvation but not their birthright.  You are a child of a KING, royal blood flows through your veins.  

As a child of God the Bible then says you are an heir of God also, and joint heirs with Jesus His Son, sharing the same spiritual blessing and inheritance.  

I Peter 2:9 is where God declares us to be His people, stating that we were not always in that position of sonship and inheritors of the birthright, but through the Cross of Calvary, He has made us a chosen race, a holy people a royal priesthood.  All He wants us to do now is live like we understand this, and not like Esau who so quickly traded this great blessing away for just a moment of satisfaction.

There is no place for compromise in a Christians life!  Make no room for the subtle distractions that will use the deception of gradualism to pull you away from God and His House.  You will wake up one day to find yourself in a place no one would want to live.

Had Esau valued and fully understood the birthright that was his because of his position in the family, here is what would have been different.  He would not have had to ask Jacob for soup, he would have just taken the soup, it after all, was his to take.  Second, he could have bypassed Jacob and gone straight to his father, and His father would have provided soup for him without having to sell his birthright, and finally, as the one who was the inheritor of the double portion, all that his father had was his already, he just didn’t live with that knowledge and therefore gave it away.

If you are reading this and your are born again, washed by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, then you are saved, therefore, you are the inheritor of the birthright and all those privileges are yours.  There is never a place where you cannot see God’s blessing if you are His son or daughter.  Come boldly before His throne, make your requests known, and know that you don’t have to sell out to get anything from God, as long as you are “SOLD OUT’ to Him.