Even though there is really only one decision to make, God has given us the opportunity to choose, a demonstration of His love, and so we make the choice.  The reason I say it's decision day is because every born again believer, yes, you who are reading this right now, must decide that they will not live anywhere but in the place in God where we a full throttle, on fire, hungrier than ever before running after God.  



I started out in ministry in a small town of just a couple thousand people.  This was a big stretch for me being raised in one of Canada's largest cities, but after three years of Bible College, and learning to live by faith, I was happy to just get going for God.  I will never forget my first day, just two days after stepping off the campus of my Bible College here I was in full time ministry.

I wasn't overly excited about the Pastor I was working with, he was a nice guy, but here I was, young, full of faith, a mover and a shaker, and now I had to work under the direction of probably the most laid back person I had ever known, and the total opposite of everything I was.  My job as a young Pastor was to build up the youth group and assist in any way I could.  

That first night came and there I was, standing at the front of about 8 young people from a small Church of maybe 125 people and I thought to myself, God, what can you do here.  I will never forget His voice whisper in my ears, "I will do a great work that will prepare you to reach the world."  My first reaction was, God, in this small place, one high school, a little basement room where the youth would meet, what could you possibly do here.  

Many of our younger people starting out in the ministry today have this grand illusion of the big and the spectacular, when God wants us first to learn to be faithful where He puts us, because everywhere we go for God is a place of learning.  

I determined, I would work hard, pray much and go after everything that moved in that small town.  I remember starting an early morning prayer meeting for teenagers, at six o'clock in the morning until seven, before they went to school, and I taught them how to pray with fire, pray in the Holy Ghost, and it wasn't long before fifteen to twenty teenagers were gathered in the sanctuary of that little Church calling on God for revival in their High School.  The group started to grow, ten, twenty, then it wasn't long before sixty or more students were showing up each week to youth group.  That may not sound like a lot, but in a Church of 125, that's half the Church.  

Next I got them evangelizing, soul winning.  I rented a forty foot flatbed trailer, and would set it up in parking lots, with drama teams, and praise teams, and hundreds of people would come to a ministry I called "Street Light" and I would preach off the flatbed trailer and see many come to know Jesus Christ.

When you put everything in the hands of God, He could place you in the middle of a desert and you would prosper because if God is in it, all things are possible.  It's easy to step into something already running, established and strong, but where are those who will trust God when they have nothing and find themselves in a place called No Where.  The true evidence of a call of God is found in your faithfulness to serve even when you have so little in resources in a barren place.  

Friend, we serve a God who will put a river in the desert, and if you will be found faithful, He will help to bless the work of your hands and wherever you go, you will prosper.  

From that little town where I started in the ministry, I have now been able to reach the world through crusade evangelism, radio and television.  All the Glory goes to God, but I truly believe, it was in those early days, that I learned to be faithful in the little things, knowing that God turns little into much when you place it in his hands.  

In now 33 years of full time ministry, there has never been a day that we had enough to do what we wanted to do, we learned to step out in faith, full of faith, but also, faithful, knowing that God is more than enough, and we need Him more than we need anything.  We learned, if God is in it, the resources, people equipment, finances and everything needed would eventually come along with it also!